St.Kitts-Nevis Customs / Traditions

You know you from SKN if ... Contributor Date
1. A soda is called a Bryson sweetp 5/30/2006
2. all bleach is named Clorox Gawain 4/22/2001
3. All fabric softener is refered to as 'Downy' Sweetp 5/30/2006
4. as a child u playing house u say lets fassi instead of saying lets have sex. Nancy 10/6/2001
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7. cfgb'>sdf xcv 11/10/2010
8. gimme me rubber instead of saying give me my eraser Janelle 4/17/2006
9. Hairdressers call a French Roll a wrap. Khama 8/13/2001
10. Half tar off and sof instead of half a bread with peanut butter and soda Lavern 2/23/2015
11. if dont work on thursday afternoon 12/2/2012
12. If everything below you shoulder is you HAND and everything below you waist is you FOOT Eustace Arrindell 12/10/2001
13. If u lick ur fingers after eating granny's well cooked meal Shea 5/2/2006
14. If U refer 2 Conaree as 'Conaree Dump' stkitts23 4/12/2008
15. if u stop speaking to someone u say fall out colin browne 3/11/2006
17. If 'you bathe yuh skin' instead of taking a shower wilfred Rawlins Jr 4/23/2006
18. if you call all kind of meat "relish" SWEET 10/27/2007
19. if you dont work on thursday afternoon bobsy 12/2/2012
20. if you hear "gimme dat dey and u tek dis ya" instead of "give me that and you take this" jonellve 2/17/2011
21. IF you shake your head when you pass someone instead of saying hi Mitchy 9/20/2006
22. if you stupid mine u ass alwynrichards[ala rito] 9/22/2001
23. If you tell a Policeman,he dollars got een Five Quarts. Lewis Lestrade 2/9/2002
24. Instead of taking your lunch to school. you go home for lunch and back in an hour. Fran 4/29/2001
25. never trouble wah nah trouble you violaandbev 9/9/2007
26. no sankey sing so Bill Francis 9/9/2007
27. oh shit sanapy bite me 10/27/2001
28. refer to having sex as ridin John Dabrio 12/17/2001
29. someone ask you for a hairpknee instead of a penny Colette Pondt 11/2/2001
30. Someone tells you their mother TEK-EEN instead of being ill Lanot Pondt 11/2/2001
31. Someone tells you to "dress down", but it has nothing to do with your clothes. Gretna 1/28/2009
32. ssddd sdfd 11/10/2010
33. The Minister of Health says the health system is the best but goes away whenever he needs medical attention John Liburd 2/22/2007
34. The Penis is known as Pingy Diana P. 12/29/2005
35. the vagina is a tuntun and the penis is a dick or wood Malude-Ann 10/22/2005
36. two man crab caan live a hole violaandbev 9/9/2007
37. U call a commercial break on TV drafficking Dian 12/13/2006
38. u call de clothes u wear home "yard clothes" Rasie 6/1/2001
39. u call pants-brigges, panty-draws or bloomers, vagina-tuntun, penis-lingie, urine-piss, stool-doo or shit. florencia 10/6/2001
40. U can't stan di smell of a 'Stinky Toe' but dun yam planty aredy stkitts23 4/12/2008
41. U eva played a game a 'licksy' wid 'jukes' stkitts23 4/12/2008
42. U Jink A Jink (instead of drink a drink Delash 12/13/2008
43. u know wha "slappers" be Rasie 6/1/2001
44. u luv holly phelan as much as a do Harry D 2/9/2017
45. U noh Bata n Slappers go hand in hand stkitts23 4/12/2008
46. U noh 'CSR' stan fu Cane Spirit Rum stkitts23 4/12/2008
47. U noh dat at Roman School U got sappy rice; so U yet di dumplin n left de rice stkitts23 4/12/2008
48. U noh how 2 play a game a 'hand tennis' stkitts23 4/12/2008
49. U noh wha a bottle a 'Hammond' be stkitts23 4/12/2008
50. U noh wha a 'ManciPort' be n consida it a delicacy stkitts23 4/12/2008
51. U noh wha a 'Scrubbin Board' be n U use 1 b4. stkitts23 4/12/2008
52. U refer 2 oda peple children as Pikney stkitts23 4/12/2008
53. u say "U new Frock" oppose to my new dress Bakanal Woam 9/2/2001
54. u say drop sleep instead of fall asleep cathy 3/19/2007
55. U say 'Inside' to call out a fren or neighbor wen U go visit dem stkitts23 4/12/2008
56. U say pass me Jaggers, instead a slippers stkitts23 4/12/2008
57. U say pass me slappers instead a slippers or shoes stkitts23 4/12/2008
58. U say U jus 'yet' a sweet plate a food, instead of 'ate' stkitts23 4/12/2008
59. u tek all day ou bum ah ride rather than pay bus linda 11/16/2007
60. U use contact cement pon U shoes, fu hold em 2geda, wen dem a fall a part stkitts23 4/12/2008
61. u wipe u ass wid cane sucker wesley 11/16/2007
62. using a word with a "v" they pronounce it as a 'w' eg; love they say lowe Leah 5/13/2005
63. walk cross the road wid u arm pit full a hair Cavelle Browne 6/18/2001
64. we refer to braided hair as hair plat sandy 10/21/2001
65. We refer to braided hair as plat hair sandy 10/22/2001
66. wen U hear Bata de 1st ting da com 2 U mind is Slappers stkitts23 4/12/2008
67. wen U home n somebody at U gate a say Inside deh waun U fi come out stkitts23 4/12/2008
68. when a nevisian is referred to nevis buboo Kavelle .S. Brookes 4/25/2002
69. when a Van is called a Bus carleen 9/29/2001
70. when a woman is pregnant you say "she breed" George 8/28/2004
71. when animals crossing the road and the drivers stop for them to cross, but when it is awe humans, bouy we got to run for we life!! Kavelle .S. Brookes 4/25/2002
72. When PAM and Labour does fight. Denzil 4/22/2002
73. When Peeling cane,you ask your friend for "Ah Screw",instead of "Ah joint"... Lewis Lestrade 2/26/2002
74. When surprise you say "me arm" bigger sis 5/13/2001
75. when surprised you say "me monkey!" Justin Edmead 5/14/2001
76. when town people call you country buboo cecelia hicks 9/5/2001
77. when u call people 'nearga' Diana 7/17/2006
78. When U Can Wuk Up Better Than Anybody Else In The World Fansy 3/2/2002
79. when u say drop sleep instead of fall asleep cathey 3/20/2007
80. when u say 'marmi' instead of mother and 'dardi' instead of father Diana 7/17/2006
81. when u say u goin movies instead of the cinema Diana 7/17/2006
82. when yain nuh sometin u say "main nuh" Anecia Ellis 8/25/2004
83. when you buy bread you have to take your own bag. Diana 10/24/2001
84. when you call advocado a pear and banana a fig lynnette 4/14/2002
85. when you call film ...flim renee 11/7/2005
86. When you call fish, meat, chicken and everything RELISH Maureen Pondt 11/2/2001
87. When you call food 'me whittle' INGRID 1/18/2002
88. When you eating dinner and leave your meat for last. Joseph Mason Tweede 1/11/2007
89. when you get bit by a lizard , you tink you gon get cocobay. zarah liddie 3/11/2005
90. When you hear "sweet Oil" for cooking oil Jackie Pondt 11/2/2001
91. When you say "shule" for SLIDE YUask4me4 10/16/2006
92. When you say lock off de lights instead of turn off the light. When you say "back off and go wash off. Sherrille Stapleton 10/9/2008
93. when you say that someone can cook food sweet instead of tasty. delicous Alvernel Lawrence 8/19/2005
94. when you say ting instead of thing elwich byas 5/29/2006
95. when you shout in disbelief "ah you look a wok ya" in reponse to something said or done cutey 2/25/2006
96. when you shout in disbelief (wid hans pon hip) "ah you look a wok ya" in reponse to something that was said or done cutey 2/25/2006
97. When your tired and you say pass me me lodging english girl 1/18/2002
98. You always getting "BITE". Lewis Lestrade 2/9/2002
99. you are still using a tensil to pee in colin 3/11/2006
100. You ask someone where is your "slip" instead of do you have a petticoat under your dress Eicilma 3/14/2006
101. You ask someone where is your "slip" instead of saying do you have a petticoat under your dress Eicilma 3/14/2006
102. You been playing MegaZeux on a Packard Bell DX66 and you somehow found PacMan Returns on a Floppy Disk (by CMan Software?) and you happen to have Windows 3.11 running so you can run it Nigerian Email Scammer 5/26/2015
103. you buy $1.00 wot of rolls wit butter. natasha 2/10/2005
104. you buy a "new bran' car" instead of a "brand new" one. St.Clair Walwyn 7/29/2001
105. YOU CALL A PAIR OF SNEAKERS SLIPPERS Staraisa Ludford 4/23/2001
106. you call a soda a bryson Wallis "Wally" Wilkin 4/22/2001
107. You call all insecticides "Flit" Ian 11/4/2010
108. you call all kinda cereal corn flakes rasie 6/1/2001
109. You call for a dollar bread and have to pay the cashier $1.25 Maggie` 12/29/2004
110. you call french fries chips anonymous 4/26/2001
111. you call lemonade swank Sylvine 1/2/2002
112. you call peanuts pinder GANGSTABITCH 4/26/2001
113. you call treating...a biting you gal Angel 2/24/2002
114. You ever "Lime" on 4th street. Delsol . L 2/1/2002
115. you get bit by a lizard , you tink you gon get cocobay. zarah liddie 3/11/2005
116. you go another man country and to stop a bus, you put out you hand to flag down de bus. Kavelle .S. Brookes 4/25/2002
117. You go shop and ask for a "slader" and the shopkeeper automatically gi you a red "bryson". 10/31/2001
118. you go to the grocery to get a tin of milk instead of a can of milk SkQueen 9/28/2001
119. you have to have you blood puddin every saturday night. Big dog 4/28/2001
120. You have to wait long in outpatients no matter how sick you are. Karen 6/8/2006
121. you know bout ah half a dollar bred wid cheese Janille Daniel 4/21/2001
122. You know how to "HOP" Engine. Lewis Lestrade 1/5/2002
124. You know you're from SK when u mix milk with ur bryson(soda) or malt. lol Sie 4/8/2007
125. YOU LIKE A LOT OF RIDDIM Fansy 3/2/2002
126. You Like Ah Load A "WYFE"... Lewis Lestrade 2/9/2002
127. You mix red bryson wid milk Ngozi Duporte 1/16/2014
128. you nod your head when you pass someone instead of saying hi Mitchy 9/20/2006
129. You peel sugar cane wid you teeth. Charles Mitcham 4/21/2001
130. You put an big pin in a you pantie when de lastic trecth out. Meshelle Glasgow 4/26/2001
131. you refer to all hot beverages as tea. beverley gumbs-crawley 4/26/2001
132. you refer to all types of macaroni and cheese as "Kraft dinner". Janille Daniel 5/1/2001
133. You refer to all vehicles as TRANS(transport) Rodney Browne 4/24/2001
134. you refer to an iron as a 'heater'. Janille Daniel 4/26/2001
135. you refer to any short colorful pants as a "boops" pants Ron 2/10/2002
136. you refer to cooking oil as "sweet oil". Janille Daniel 11/20/2001
137. You refer to going look for sex,as "going to look Ah piece Ah Wife". Lewis Lestrade 1/5/2002
138. you refer to pulling out your pants out of your bottom to diggin out u cooka hole marvin 11/22/2005
139. you refer to sex as dux sandra 10/21/2001
140. You refer to someone rice a bun if dey pants or frock stick up in dey bum. Ishu 4/5/2011
141. you refer to your mother as "de old lady George 8/28/2004
142. you refer to your woman as your "main Squeeze" Rose Brookes 4/27/2001
143. you Remembered,using Slate to Write Pon,and Wearing"DOG-MUZZLES"to school. Lewis Lestrade 2/9/2002
144. you say "dey cheat fuckin Ellie Matt instead "they cheat for King Ellie Matt Lisa 11/26/2005
145. You say "Gal or Buy a hoo u be?" is stead of "Boy or Girl who are you?" Leroy 12/9/2004
146. you say "wash the film" instead of develop/process the films Laurel 6/13/2002
147. You say back back de car instead of reverse the car Pat Warner 8/15/2012
148. You say booby instead of Pelican, you say mackril insead of Mackarel you say barrycuta intead of barracuda Ras Untunga 11/9/2001
149. you say boy ahhh gena 5/22/2001
150. You say CHANGE a Cheque insted of CASH a cheque Leroy 4/15/2005
151. you say dress dung... when you want someone to move to give you a seat. dvaskb 6/7/2005
152. You say dress over, instead over move over,or go on your own side(when you trying to sleep) Nikki B(Gumbs) 7/10/2005
153. you say gimme me rubber instead of saying give me my eraser Janelle 4/17/2006
154. you say les go bugger instead of saying let's go have SEX sprat 4/17/2006
155. you say plaster instead of a bandage killa 5/23/2002
156. You say tree, Instead of three Anecia Nesbitt-Ellis 8/25/2004
158. you say you going bay, instead of saying you going to the beach Colin 5/2/2002
159. You scream out "Me Muddas" when you are surprised by something Ngozi Duporte 1/16/2014
160. you shake your head when you pass someone instead of saying hi Mitchy 9/20/2006
161. you shout in disbelief (wid hans pon hip) "ah you look a wok ya" in reponse to something that was said or done cutey 2/25/2006
162. you take your baby to the "creche" Maude-Ann 10/22/2005
163. you tek ah Piece a Cloth,instead of a plaster to Hide you "Sore-Foot"... Lewis Lestrade 2/9/2002
164. you tell a MAN something he does not like and YOU DONT GET CUSS OFF Fansy 3/2/2002
165. You tell a Policeman,he Dollar got een Five Quarts. Lewis Lestrade 2/9/2002
166. You tell a Policeman,he dollars got een Five Quarts. Lewis Lestrade 2/9/2002
168. You tell your friend "i tek Ah man for you".Instead of saying,i thought it was you i saw. Lewis Lestrade 1/5/2002
169. you use "Baby Johnson Powder" instead of "Johnson's Baby Powder". St.Clair Walwyn 7/29/2001
170. you used to stay home from school anytime rain fall hard. Janille Daniel 4/21/2001
171. you walk bear foot to the shop, as you call it. natasha wilson 2/10/2005
172. you wear your sunday best on saturday killa 5/23/2002
173. You where is your "slip" instead of do you have a petticoat under your dress Eicilma 3/14/2006
174. you wipe you ass with brown paper or news paper instead of toilet paper sprat 4/17/2006
175. you wipe you ass with stones when ever you take a shit SHABO- DAY-BO 4/28/2001
176. zxch 11/8/2010