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by Kenrick Georges
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Kenrick Georges

August 7th, 2012.

 With extreme reluctance, I publish this post relating to a comment made on a radio program early in July. My response to the comment is only relevant because there seemed to be an effort to revisit my youthful indiscretion of being impatient, and still remain my core characteristic, even at a mature age of fifty-seven. It was revealed that I did not smile, and people were afraid of me. The person who made the assertions also mentioned her own fears of me. Also disclosed was the idea that musicians—musicians in the popular bands—had major problems with me; my music was too difficult; I demanded too much, and so on. However, I had just entered my twenties and was susceptible to the pitfalls associated with youth. There was much for me to understand then, but over time, maturity happened to me along the way.


However, I will not apologize for my incessant hunger for learning and my unrelenting reach for excellence, which is subject only to my innate limitation. I compete not with others but I challenge myself to improve my current situation at all times. I pass this mindset on to my youngest son in an effort to have him establish a proper perspective of his own achievements over time, but as a parent, my duty is to guide him, make decisions in his best interest, and protect him from snares of which his young mind may not get advanced warning. The idea that, children that function beyond what is considered normal—that is, certain relaxed standards set by society—are under undue pressure is, in fact, a huge joke. Then again, is it because it was Kenrick Georges’ son who has been making such an impressive mark at the age of ten, and has been playing for less than two years that the effort is questioned?


Since October 1986, I migrated to America from St. Kitts/Nevis, and I yet stir the most negative responses in many individuals, some who do not even know me. However, I have enjoyed immense admiration and respect for my abilities and accomplishments from many, over my extensive travels around the world, and for that, I am grateful. But tell me…when in the heat of a battle, and under continuous fire from all directions does a lone soldier have time to smile? My entire young life in St. Kitts was a fierce battle and many can attest to that. But remember, I have even hunkered down and helped some who were firing at me. My survival, and strength was not dependent on how others feel about me but certainly on the paths I choose and the values I hold dear. Obviously, the firing continues. Please, don’t waste your shells, I am much too far out of reach.


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