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THE DICTATORíS HANDBOOK by G.A.Dwyer Astaphan, Thursday 29th November,2012   Nineteen years ago today, general elections were held in St. Kitts & Nevis.  Most of us will recall the 4:4 tie in St. Kitts, the minority PAM-NRP Government, the unrest and the instability in the country, and the agitation

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NOT THIS TIME !!!!! by G.A.Dwyer Astaphan, Thursday,22nd November,2012     Some weeks ago, the Prime Minister pushed the historic and controversial land-for-debt swap Bill through Parliament. Yet it was only on the morning of the debate that most

Playing With Fire   by Washington Archibald - November 17th 2012   Basseterre, St.Kitts   Premier Joseph Parry of Nevis is playing with fire. He is playing with fire in Nevis and if the fire gets out of control, he is likely to get burned and the whole of the beautiful island of Nevis is likely to be ablaze.  Some months ago, Mr. Parry called an Election in which the two parties of Nevis,

CLEANSING THE TEMPLE  By G.A. Dwyer Astaphan, Thursday 15th November,2012   A Temple is a place of worship. A holy place.  The Bible tells us, in the Gospel of John, at Chapter 2, Verse 13, that at the time of Passover, Jesus went to the Temple in Jerusalem.  On that day, He saw people going to the Temple

THE GOVERNOR-GENERAL By G.A.Dwyer Astaphan, Thursday, 8th November, 2012 Sir Cuthbert Montraville Sebastian is making his exit as our Federationís Governor-General, and thereís talk that Sir Edmund Lawrence, the Managing Director of the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Ltd., is to be

Richards, Hamilton, Brantley, and Amory Express NO REGRET, NO GUILT, in the Face of Heavy Criticism for Abandoning Parliament  By Charles Jong | PR Consultant  Forty-eight days after the passage of the St. Kitts Nevis Anguilla National Bank Vesting of Certain Lands Bill, the absence of Opposition Members Shawn Richards, Eugene Hamilton, Mark Brantley, and Vance Amory

DENZIL DOUGLAS DEFINED by G.A.Dwyer Astaphan, Thursday, 1st November,2012   Last Wednesday�s (24th October) town hall meeting at Lodge Village on the land-for-debt swap deal between the Government and the National Bank was a defining moment for Dr. Denzil Douglas.

The People's Pulse  by T. C. Phipps-Benjamin   October 26th 2012 - Historians deem the events of 1993 in the independent capital city of Basseterre, St. Kitts inevitable. It was the year when political parties on St. Kitts would come to a head following an election that put the constitution of the federation under the proverbial microscope. As far as supporters of the Labour Party were concerned, they were on the brink of regaining political power and no three term PAM government was going to

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